Germanisches Wörterbuch . 2014.

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  • kaput- — Head. 1. a. head; behead, forehead, from Old English hēafod, head; b. hetman, from Old High German houbit, head. Both a and b from Germanic *haubudam, *haubidam …   Universalium

  • head — {{11}}head (adj.) most important, principal, leading, c.1200, from HEAD (Cf. head) (n.). O.E. heafod was used in this sense in compounds. {{12}}head (n.) O.E. heafod top of the body, also upper end of a slope, also chief person, leader, ruler;… …   Etymology dictionary

  • haubuda- — *haubuda , *haubudam germ., stark. Neutrum (a): nhd. Haupt, Kopf; ne. head (Neutrum); Rekontruktionsbasis: got., an., ae., afries., anfrk., as., ahd.; Hinwe …   Germanisches Wörterbuch

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